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Due to the pandemic, most in-person meetings have temporarily closed, but many have continued online, primarily through Zoom.  Both in-person and Zoom meetings can be found in the searchable Meetings Database our web site, and are seen in the Meeting Guide app.

Please expect that the in-person meetings will require masks, physical distancing, and other precautions.

What happened to the Google Sheets Zoom list?  Fear not, all the zoom meetings on that list are found on our web site’s Database (link above).  The meetings are easily searched, and all meetings are seen in the Meeting Guide app. 

The Google Sheets zoom list was a stop-gap measure put in place in March 2020 during the first weeks of the Covid crisis when most meetings suddenly closed and many went to zoom. However, the Google Sheet information was not easily searched, the links were not active on some devices, and (most importantly) those meetings were not seen in the Meeting Guide app that many members use.  It was always our intention to include the zoom meetings directly in the Service Center web site searchable list.   This was completed in February 2021 and the link to the Google Sheet was discontinued on March 31.  


If you want to add a meeting to our list, or if your in-person meeting is now open, please mail us the following:

  • Name
  • Day and time
  • Street address or “Video Only” if this meeting did not originate from a physical address.
  • City (not required, but helpful)
  • If a zoom meeting:
    • URL
    • Meeting ID (optional)
    • Password (if needed).

If you want to remove a meeting from our list, please mail us only:

  • Name
  • Day and time
  • Zoom or in-person (sometimes we have one of each at at the same time and anchor location)
  • Street address
  • City (not required, but helpful)

Keep in mind that there are many, many meetings, so “6:00 Danville” won’t do it.

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Updated Monthly

Please expect that  in-person-meetings will require masks, physical distancing, and other precautions.

Click for printable In-Person Meetings List

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The Seventh Tradition collections, a portion of which were often sent to the Service Center in accordance with groups’ group conscience, are no longer being collected in many cases.  Unfortunately, most of our expenses, including rent for the Service Center Office, rent for the meeting room, hot-line phone fees and other utilities (include this web site), continue even after many meetings have closed or gone to Zoom.  A contribution to defray the Service Center expenses would be much appreciated.

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