Use This Page for Your
Seventh Tradition Contribution

Many groups send a portion of their Seventh Tradition collections to other AA entities when their treasury exceeds their designated Prudent Reserve.  The Contra Costa Service Center is pleased to receive a portion of these distributions, allowing us to continue to serve the AA community in Contra Costa County.

Your donation helps cover expenses including:

  • Rent (both for the office and the meeting room)
  • Office utilities
  • Web site
  • Phone hotline
  • Insurance
  • Office supplies (printing schedules, etc.)
  • Wages and health benefits

Click the “Donate” button below to send your group’s Seventh Tradition contribution to the Service Center via PayPal.  You will be asked to enter your group number.  If you don’t know it, then enter your group’s information, like so:

This helps us know which groups are donating.

Donate to the Service Center
Click the “Donate” button below to contribute to the Service Center.
You will receive notice of your donation.

Note: PayPal charges approximately 3% for each donation.

But if you use your credit card, then there are no deductions.

Thanks for your continuing support.