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The Service Center assists the groups in the service area (generally Contra Costa County, California) to meet our common primary purpose: to stay sober and help the next sufferer to achieve sobriety. Alcoholics Anonymous Contra Costa County CA

The Service Center provides:

  • 24-hour AA Hot Line and 12 Step List to “carry the message”
  • The Communique: your monthly newsletter keeping you informed – published monthly
  • Alcoholics Anonymous publications for sale (Big Book, etc.) See Price Sheet
  • Free pamphlets (to all service area AA Groups)
  • Newcomer’s packet (see description below)
  • Meeting Database and downloadable meeting schedules, updated monthly
  • All-Groups’ Speaker Meeting & Birthday Celebration, held monthly
  • Public information speakers
  • Secretary, Treasurer, and other service positions’ workshops
  • Organizing special events including Service Center Anniversary Celebrations, Traditions Breakfasts, Golf Tournaments, New Year’s Events as feasible under gradually-relaxing Covid restrictions
  • Streaming audio (see below) and audio rental library with over 800 recorded A.A. speakers
  • Answers to inquiries from individuals and outside agencies about Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Record-keeping and information source for A.A. Groups
  • Cooperation with General Service
  • A welcoming and safe place for all alcoholics to come for help and to be with others in recovery

Related entities serving the Contra Costa County area:

Audio Library

Click for a list of audio files available to stream from our Audio Library
Contra Costa Alcoholics Anonymous Audio Library

Service Center Forms

Please help us keep our records (and web site) up to date.

Newcomer Packets

The Newcomer Packet contains information useful to the newcomer or anyone curious about Alcoholics Anonymous, including:

  • Handi-card (AA Preamble, 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, Serenity Prayer)
  • AA at a glance (leaflet)
  • Alcoholics Anonymous: A Guide for the Beginner (leaflet)
  • Information on Alcoholics Anonymous (Pamphlet F-2)
  • Is AA For You? (Pamphlet P-3)
  • A Newcomer Asks (Pamphlet P-24)
  • This Is A.A.: An Introduction to the AA Recovery Program (Pamphlet P-1)

Newcomer packets are available at the Service Center for $1.00 each.

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