6:00 pm Women's Step Study Congregational Church 989 San Ramon Valley Blvd Danville Big Book, Closed, Step Meeting
6:00 pm 3rd Tradition Little League Hut 711 St Marys Rd Lafayette Discussion
6:30 pm Open Disc Concord Fellowship 1591 Broadway St Concord Discussion
7:00 pm Big Book Alano Club 2426 Church Ln San Pablo Big Book, Closed
7:00 pm Open Disc Concord Originals 3039 Willow Pass Rd Concord Discussion
7:00 pm Happy Hour Rivertown Resource Ctr 301 W 10th St Antioch Discussion
7:00 pm Closed Disc Spanish Segundo Paso 1842 Grant St Concord Closed, Discussion, Spanish
7:00 pm Women's Big Book Study St John's Church Rm7 5555 Clayton Rd Clayton Big Book
7:00 pm Big Book Comes Alive St. Andrews 2370 Harbor View Dr Martinez Big Book
7:00 pm Stepping Up Our Standards St. Mark's Ch. 3051 Putnam Blvd Pleasant Hill Step Meeting
7:00 pm Big Book Breakdown United Methodist Church 1543 Sunnyvale Ave Walnut Creek Big Book
7:00 pm Heart to Heart Women Waldi Plaza/Alano Club 710 W 1st St Antioch Discussion, Wheelchair Access, Women
7:30 pm Hilltop Group Ch of Christ 1865 Arnold Dr Martinez Discussion
7:30 pm New Beginnings Congregational Church 989 San Ramon Valley Blvd Danville Discussion
7:30 pm Steps for Living Delta Presb Ch 1900 Willow Lake Rd Discovery Bay Step Meeting
7:30 pm Trad Grp El Sobrante Fellowship 5161 Sobrante Ave El Sobrante Closed, Literature
7:30 pm East County Men's Stag Harbor Ch of Christ 1020 E Tregallas Rd Antioch Closed
7:30 pm To Any Lengths Meeting Rm 193 Mayhew Way Walnut Creek Discussion
7:30 pm Firm Foundation Rainbow Ctr 2118 Willow Pass Rd Concord Gay, Lesbian
7:30 pm AfterNooners Resurrection Ministries 1275 Fairview Ave Brentwood Discussion
7:30 pm Clayton Valley Men's Men St John's Church Rm7 5555 Clayton Rd Clayton Men
7:30 pm Step Study St Timothy's Church 1550 Diablo Rd Danville Closed, Step Meeting
7:30 pm New Beginnings off Taylor 396 Civic Dr Pleasant Hill Closed, Discussion
8:00 pm Open Disc Spanish Agosto 24 1251 Monument Blvd Concord Discussion, Spanish
8:00 pm Orinda Group St Stephen's Ch 66 St Stephens Dr Orinda Closed, Discussion
8:00 pm Closed Disc Spanish Tres de Marzo 405 E 10th St Pittsburg Closed, Discussion, Spanish
8:00 pm Open Disc Spanish Vive y Deja Vivir 2544 Willow Pass Rd Bay Point Discussion, Spanish