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It is our intention to post only AA talks from an AA group or event. To the best of our knowledge these recordings meet this requirement. If you find one that does not seem to belong here please contact the CCSC Audio Volunteers

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These sharings of "experience, strength, and hope" have been given short, descriptive titles as though they had been included in the Big Book. To help participate in this part of the Cataloging Project, contact the Audio Committee

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  • A Real Old Time AA Talk - Ruth M
  • They Called Me "Catatonic Tom" - Tom B
  • The Indian - John
  • His Story - John B
  • Like Learning To Ride A Bike - Don H
  • Gentleness Worked For Him - Gil A
  • Home Inside - Dr. Earl M
  • Sobriety Is Like A Box Of Chocolates - Galen R
  • Use God - Jack B
  • AA Spiritual Experience - Ken D
  • The Special Inventory - Irving N
  • A Risk A Day - Linda G
  • Unwilling Youth - Margie O
  • Something To Erase The Pain - Jimmy Z
  • Peace Of Step Three - Lee J
  • Did It Again - Dave C
  • AA Answered - Darrel
  • Out Of Troubles - Dick P
  • Life, Hope & Love - Fleurette P
  • Learning To Speak Your Feelings - Pattie D
  • He Didn't Come To Stay - David F
  • Rum, Radio, Rebellion (Big Book Story) - Pete W
  • The HomeBrewmeister (Big Book Story)- Clarence S
  • Airline Pilot's Story - Lyle P
  • The Priveleges of AA - Johnny H
  • The Officer's Daughter - Allison D
  • The Right Question - Johnny H
  • No Reason For His Alcoholism - Jack B
  • Wild Child - Crickett R
  • Side Effects - Colby
  • A Flower of the South (Big Book Story) - Esther A
  • A Five Time Loser Wins (Big Book Story) - Morris B
  • He Was No Longer Short - Ray B
  • Why Me? - Norm A
  • Drinking Housewife - Ann W
  • Gradually Getting Step Three - Barney M
  • Flight Attendant's Story - Annie D
  • A Chance To Live - Adel B
  • Battered Child - Bob E
  • Built Like A Tank - Tom B
  • The Long Journey To Safety - Ray B
  • A Life Of Determination - Gladys
  • What Sobriety Restores - Fr. Tom W
  • He Found A New God - Fr. Frank B
  • A New God - Sister Bea M
  • Self vs. Service - Bob D
  • The White Horse -Buttermilk S
  • He Called Me Gene - Glen L
  • He Had A Contrary Mind - Wayne B
  • Restless Soul - Johnny H
  • The Right Question - Yvonne N
  • The Music of AA - Nancy N
  • No Intention To Stay - Paul
  • Pistol Packin' Momma - Mary M
  • Having Too Much Fun - Johnnie H
  • All The Pieces Fit Together - Dick G
  • Don't Call Me A Drunk - Karen
  • The Universe Rushed To Co-operate - Noa G
  • Backing Away From Hell - Silas P
  • He Was Wrong - Keith L
  • She Lost The Ability To Choose - Yolanda T
  • Alcohol Was Her Answer - Yvonne S
  • Buy The Skunk A Drink - Sharon B
  • He Went To His Own Funeral - "Happy Jack" B
  • He Chose Not To Jump - Orrin C

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