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The Contra Costa Service Center Audio Library currently has over 1500 recordings of talks given by AA members at local groups, across the continent, from 1945 to the present, covering a vast array of topics. And more are arriving regularly.

When new links from the archive are added to the website, they are first placed on the Uncatalogued page, where the link is verified for accuracy and audibility. The task then becomes to decide on which catalog page they properly belong, which can sometimes be done simply from the name of the audio file as originally recorded.

In many other cases, however, the recorded talk must be listened to in order to determine where it best fits for easy access and to carry the message. For this, members are needed to be of service.

How to participate:

  1. Choose a talk from the Uncatalogued page, preferably one which gives no indication by its name of what its content might be.
  2. Listen to the talk by streaming or downloading, taking notes if necessary and/or possible.
  3. Decide where it best fits in the categories that are currently set up on the website. If another category is needed, make note of that!
  4. Either use the Catalog Project Form (PDF) and drop it off at the Mayhew Service Center when completed, or send the Audio Volunteers an email with the same info requested on the Form.
  5. If the talk is a personal story of recovery, be creative in suggesting a title that might be used if the story were to be included in the Big Book. Look there and on the Stories page in this Catalog to see examples. Can't decide between two possible titles? Send them both!

For more detailed information about cataloging recordings, submitting them for Audio Library use, or how to do further service with the Audio Library, please contact the Audio Volunteers -

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See our downloading hints for later off-line listening.
Contact the Audio Volunteers to help with cataloging.